Hi there. My name is Nicolas Peck, and I love music, technology, and music technology. I’ve spent a lifetime exploring performance, composition, sound creation, and recording – especially using synthesizers and electromechanical keyboards. I’ve been lucky enough to have a thriving and vibrant career as a composer and sound designer, and have spent the last seven years as an audio director at the world’s largest and most beloved media company. And through it all, I have never lost my passion for the audio arts – and especially electronic music.

And that brings us to this YouTube channel. I’ve always been into teaching about electronic music, sound design, and recording, and have done so both as a college instructor, and as a writer for national magazines. I can’t think of a better way to share this knowledge and passion with kindred spirits than through YouTube. So that’s what I’m doing. The channel is primarily focused on modular synthesizers, esoteric electronic music, and the artists and designers that create in that space. But I also throw in videos about anything that interests me – how to clean a grand piano, what Ohm’s law is, what happened when I had carpal tunnel surgery, the roots of creativity, music performances, designer board games, and, when my sense of outrage hits the boiling point, even the occasional political rant. This is why the channel is called “Under the Big Tree”, and not “The electronic music nerd channel”, although the majority of the content certainly fits that latter description.

So thanks for watching, and if you like, feel free to join me down the rabbit hole, where we sit nestled among the roots together…under the big tree.