Pining for the fjords

It cannot be 15 months since the last time I posted here. It cannot.

But it is. Life has done what life does – become a whirlwind of activity with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Up until February 2019, I was posting videos to the YouTube channel with some regularity. But then life got seriously in the way. I bought a house, which involved months of paperwork, meetings, 4 different moves, painting, updating, termites, sewer pipes, insulation, air conditioning, new schools, and all the rest. It’s been an earthquake of an upheaval in all our lives, but things are at last starting to settle down.

And to that end, I finally started posting videos to the channel again. If you are as annoyed with Apple as I am, you might want to check out “Dear Apple“. I have several others in production, and also just got back from Knobcon 2019, where I shot several fascinating talks.

I’ve been working on writing scripts for a number of videos. It seems from the numbers that the material that folks like the most are the ones where I sit down and reason through a particular problem in music or technology in detail. Expect more of those to come down the line – digging deeply into the guts of a particular synthesizer or module in particular. I also want to do more quick, on-the-go type of videos to show how to do a particular task with a particular synthesizer. Those take much less time to produce than the bigger pieces. So I’ll strive for a balance.

So, to sum up: I’m not dead yet. I’m just pining for the fjords. So thanks for listening, and I’ll see you on the YouTube channel, at a synth convention, or perhaps even at a show.

Website is behind – too busy with YouTube channel

Hello –

I’m delighted to state that the UndertheBigTree YouTube channel is gaining some traction, and receiving wonderful feedback. Over the last several months of doing it, I’ve gradually veered towards specializing in modular synthesizers and DIY, which is where I see it being for the foreseeable future.

My intention has been to create an article here linked to every posting I have made, but that has fallen by the wayside as a low priority. When I have time, I will get back to that methodology. In the mean time, you can always see what new videos I have created at

Many thanks,