Announcing the Under the Big Tree YouTube Channel

Today is the day! I’ve been quietly working for the last six weeks on getting the infrastructure ready for a YouTube channel. Text and audio are wonderful, but I’ve been interested in the notion that watching video captivates both your eyes and ears, creating an integrated experience that is more captivating, entertaining, and educational.

The primary focus of the channel will come as no surprise: I’ll be covering electronic music, modular synthesizers, musical composition and performance practice, DIY electronic instrument creation, and anything else music-oriented that interests me in the moment. However, I will also be covering my primary hobby: tabletop board games. I’ve been a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons, role-playing games, Eurogames, and sci-fi games for decades. I’m a big supporter of the community and togetherness that analog board games bring to people, and will especially focus on enhancing the beauty of your games through DIY, and community surrounding the friendly local game stores (FLGS) and gaming conventions.

Finally, I’ll occasionally be posting thoughts that have nothing to do with either music or board games. This initial series of videos include one on my experiences with carpal tunnel syndrome, and another on the roots of creativity.

So to that end, I wanted to really hit the ground running, and so I waited until I had completed ten videos before putting anything up. Those initial videos are uploading today, to be followed by a weekly cadence of new videos on Sunday nights. I’ll be linking to each new video here on the site. And as soon as I have enough subscribers, YouTube will let me have a custom URL, which will be If you like the idea of what I’m doing here, then please feel free to subscribe and help me reach that level.